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Peak Performance Massage Therapy is built on a solid foundation of advanced knowledge of massage therapy, which fosters a climate of relaxation and rejuvination. We are anctious to hear from you and to help you ""Relax your mind and enhance your performance".

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What you should expect at your Massage Appointment?


We have every client fill out a health history form and review your past injuries, surgeries and accidents. We’re here to help facilitate your health so we encourage an open dialogue with you.  We also educate you on your areas of tightness, range of motion and provide an overview of your care after the session.


How should I dress?


Wear comfortable clothing to your session. We use lotions instead of oils to limit the amount of oil on your skin. We leave the room and ask that you undress to your level of comfort before getting under the sheets. During the session, we always drape/cover our clients to provide a high level of privacy.


Will Massage Therapy Hurt?


We always communicate with you to determine the correct amount of pressure desired. During treatment work, we ask you to rate your discomfort on a 1-10 scale and maintain a therapeutic level of pressure below an 8. We want you to accept the work and not fight us so we can work together to resolve your symptoms. With deeper work, sometimes your muscles feel achy the next day. We recommend drinking lots of water! That is why you will leave every session with a complimentary bottle of water.

What should I look for in a massage therapist


Ask if they’re certified or licensed (each state is different), ask where they went to school and if they have at least 1000 hours of training.  Do they have advanced training, skills or experience with athletes, injuries or special modalities you’re looking for? Do they regularly attend continuring education classes? Are they a member of a professional organization?Do they keep treatment notes after every session?


Why do I have to fill out paperwork before my first session


Intake paperwork provides a snapshot of your medical history. This document leads us to ask better questions to help formulate a treatment plan specific for you. It also helps us see your medical history as it relates to your current discomfort. Even if you’re coming in to relax, it’s important for us to go over this document with you before starting the session.


Why do we keep treatment notes for all sessions


As part of your medical treatment team, it is very important for us to maintain confidential records of your treatments after each session. Our records are used to track progress and change treatment plans if needed. 

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